Weddings and Other Ceremonies (Religious)

I am, as otherwhere noted, an ordained Teaching Elder of the American Church of Scotland, perhaps better known as the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. I am also an unrepentantly qualified Geek – or Nerd, if you prefer – and a Steampunk prepared to partake in your major life Event. I officiate at Services of Christian Marriage in, as you prefer, Latin or English, and am acquainted with a Gentleman who claims to be able to do the same in a tongue he speaks of as “Klingon.” Likewise, I am able to offer up ceremonies of Baptism and Funeral Services in Neo-Victorian Regalia, upon Request.

Weddings (Secular)

In Juridstictions where it is Legal for me to do so, I also conduct secular Services of Marriage. Being, as I am not (yet) a Justice of the Peace, these Services are confined to the following States, so far as I am aware.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires some Documentation which must be compleat between three and six Months prior to the wedding Date. For Vermont, that Gap is more on the Order of one Month.


For further information, please feel free to contact me at my electronic Post Address,

† Do not consider this Listing to be complete. There is every Reason to think that I have missed some States. These are the Ones of which I am sure. If you require more Information, please ask! I am overjoyed to do the research for you.