A Few of the rather nicer things our satisfied Customers have said about us


Alexia and Michael

The Steampunk Vicar is a consummate professional. He’s punctual, organized, and considerate of the needs of his bride and groom. As Mr. Johnstone is a trained actor, you’ll notice from your first interaction with him the polish and poise he has with presenting himself — and that same demeanor will follow through to your ceremony, whether you’re being married in front of twelve people or twelve-hundred people. Recruiting him as your officiant will be the best wedding-planning choice you make.

~Michael and Alexia


Kate and Derek

The Vicar did an incredible job on our special day. Not only did he take the time to get to know my wife and I, he really made an effort to understand us and our relationship before hand. This level of attention to detail and care really showed during the ceremony. I can honestly say that almost every guest made a comment after the wedding saying how incredibly genuine and thoughtful our officiant Matt was. Second best decision I’ve ever made (after deciding to marry my wife of course).

~Derek and Kate


Suzanne and Sasha

The Steampunk Vicar was enthusiastic, professional, and easy to work with! He worked with both me and my then-fiance to create a ceremony that was unique to us, incorporating elements that were important to each of individually and as a couple. He clearly has a ton of experience in speaking/managing crowds, as not only did he do a great job performing the ceremony itself, but also was able to give guidance to our guests as to what to do/where to go after my husband and I just kept walking down the aisle! I would highly recommend him for any bride who doesn’t want to stress about the ceremony – the Steampunk Vicar will handle it.

~Sasha and Suzanne

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