The Steampunk Vicar is a man whose history is shrouded in Mystery. Many of the unbelievable Tales of his Life must be discarded – that he was the confessor to the Unfortunate Mr. Hyde, that he served as Chaplain aboard the Nautilus and to the Regiment of Gunga Din, that he was not unacquainted with Mr. Wells’ Time Machine – all these seem far too fascinating to be true. It seems that all we can say with Definition is that he has somehow, from an alternate Period of the Victorian era, got hold of a Computer, and is providing his own Analysis of our Epoch, from a perspective of both Faith and Steam-Power.

Our Records do seem quite clear on the fact that the Steampunk Vicar is an ordained Teaching Elder in the American Church of Scotland, more colloquially known as the Prebyterian Church (USA). The Vicar attended and graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary.  His favorite authors (and dear friends) include Jules Verne, HP Lovecraft, Rudyard Kipling, HG Wells, Mary Shelley, and others of the broadly understood Victorian Era.