Nova Missio

As of the First of February, I am once more occupying a Pulpit, at least three Quarters of the Time. It’s rather a peculiar Sensation – much more like the Call to Seminary than any of my subsequent Calls. I find, merely, that without a totally clear Sensation of the “how,” I am preaching and serving and listening and doing once again.

I am inclined to believe that, truly, this is Vocation. My Avocation, my Work as a Technician, is deeply connected also to my Identity, but my Vocation, my Discernment of God’s Mission for my Life, remains in the Church, a Ministry of Word and of Sacrament.

Thus, I am writing once again to you, dear Readers, with no especial Agenda, but merely conscious of the Fact that, as the metal Man once said:

“Reddidi, infans!”