De matrimonio

by The Steampunk Vicar

Some Years ago, a dear Friend of mine asked if I would be willing to serve as the Officiant at her Wedding. I was very flattered and pleased to be asked, but with great Regret, I had to tell her that I was unable to perform such a Ceremony. Why should it be so, I hear you ask. Because this young Woman had the Gaucherie to have fallen in love with another Woman, the Denomination to which I meant to give Allegiance would not permit it, and I was quite literally unable to serve in such a Capacity. I remember sitting in the Atwater Dining Hall and seeing the look of Pain and Shame sweep across her Face when I informed her that I would be unable to so serve.

I am deeply pleased and proud to be a Member of the American Church of Scotland (better known, perhaps, as the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America), a Denomination that has chosen the Path of Inclusion, of Equality, and, above All, the Path of Love. We may, one and all, disagree on the precise Intentions of our Lord when He walked upon the Earth, but None can deny that Love must have been an Aim of His.

I choose now to live out this Summons of Christ in a possibly unorthodox way – for weddings of any Stripe or Flavor, between two Men, between two Women, between a Woman and a Man, in any Fandom or Geekdom your Hearts may desire, I stand prepared to assist in making your special Day that much more special and/or weird.

I am the Steampunk Vicar, and I hope to help you rivet your lives together.